Having pain right now?  This homegrown invention might help.  It’s my own little version of the night-time splint.  This should give you some wrist relief immediately, at least at night.  And the nice thing about it, it’s free.  Pretty soon, I’ll sell some prettier versions, maybe blue or pretty pink, but in the meantime this will get you started.

This website dedicated to making the Star Trek version of computing a reality, were all we have to do is talk to our computers to make things happen.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  I’ve used a lot of these tools, but if you have any other ideas share with other users, please let us know.

Start using a dwell clicker immediately.  It’s a wrist-saver.

Dwell clickers for Mac.

This is not for sale, but it’s very cool.

Other dwell clickers.

Sounds promising.  Any users?

“Air Mouse”? Sounds like a movie.

Aerobic mouse.


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