SmartNav 4 AT
SmartNav is the perfect hands free ergonomic mouse for people with carpal tunnel, RSI, or mobility impairments. Simply move a reflector to control your computer. With built-in dwell clicking software and an on-screen keyboard, the AT package can used by people with ALS, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, and other special needs. The latest version of SmartNav comes with some cool new features: thread mounts for tripods; more resolution for better tracking; improved light filtering. Comes with camera mouse, reflective dots, USB cable, y-cable, software, manuals. $499 BUY!

SmartNav 4 EG

SmartNav 4 EG ends wrist strain by eliminating the need for a mouse. With the built-in switch input, it’s a great solution for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, Repetitive Strain Injury, and other wrist strain-related problems. The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis is the repeated stressful motion of clicking mouse or keyboard keys. SmartNav doesn’t require any hand motion, offering you the highest level of relief possible. $399 BUY!

Hands-Free Tutorial video
This 50-minute tutorial video demonstrates how to set up a hands-free computer system on your home PC. It extends the 10-minute video on the home page and shows how to use SmartNav in combination with Microsoft Speech, dwell click, on-screen keyboard, and other Office programs, simultaneously. Trickier than it sounds! The video demonstrates how the system can be set up on XP, Vista, and OSX (Mac) systems. FREE with purchase of camera above or $50 by itself. BUY!

SmartNav Voice Clicking
This is an awesome product, indispensible for SmartNav users. I was one of the beta testers when it was developed and actually suggested the title, “voice clicking.” It’s customizable, so all you have to do is say “click,” “right click,” and “double click” for the most common commands. I’ll show you how to customize it on the Hands-Free Tutorial video. Used in combination with SmartNav and Speech, it makes your computer more intuitive than ever. This unique tool is exclusive to SmartNav… nobody else has it. Voice Clicking may not work with other voice dictation software, so use it carefully. It works with SmartNav 3 and later versions. $5 BUY! 

Nuance (IBM) ViaVoice
This is a product I’m trying to resurrect. No longer for sale as stand-alone software, it’s still a great product for XP and Voice Clicking software. I’ll let you know when/if it’s available again. Until then, it’s zombie-ware.

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